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On-demand label printing solutions

When your product is ready to hit the shelves, the final step is to label it. From barcodes to ingredient lists, labels allow your customers and stores to get important information about what they’re about to buy or display for sale. With many years of experience in the industry, Argon Technology is a label printer store that has perfected the art of labeling to become your go-to companion for all things tagging and marking.

Whether you are an international corporation or an ambitious individual getting ready for a big launch, explore printers and supplies with Argon Technology. Our range spans options for every purpose and budget – from portable models to premium industrial-grade printing systems.

Shopping for ideal label printers at an online store can be easy

You know what you want to put on your tags and are clued up on your production volumes. You can even forecast the number of printing supplies you will need. But before you buy a label printer online, let us put a spotlight on several considerations to make your purchase the right and most affordable one.

Print quality

Choose a high-resolution unit. The higher DPI will give you the best result and set you up for crisp, clear prints. There are many Primera, VIPColor, Afinia, NeuraLabel, and other color printers that exemplify DPI excellence.

Besides, you can opt for units that ensure superior print quality on standard paper, vinyl, polypropylene, polyester, and other surfaces.

Label width and length

When buying a label printer online, make sure it can print tags as wide as the ones you will use for your needs. At Argon Technology, you can also get blank labels of different sizes and other supplies to add to the functionality of your unit.


The speed of your printer is vital if you plan on printing multiple labels at once or have time-sensitive projects that require speedy delivery. Consider this characteristic when settling on an industrial-grade printer.

If you’re still confused about which printer is best for you, don’t worry. You don’t have to do it alone. You can get expert advice from Argon Technology’s professionals, who can guide you through the selection and purchasing process.

Label printer supplies at your fingertips

Tired of ordering inks and printing accessories from subpar places? Argon Technology is a one-stop shop. View an endless array of compatible options, buy label printer supplies online, and get them delivered straight to your door in the US or Canada.

We have it all:

  • Basic supplies: Pick from an extensive selection of blank labels, self-laminating stickers, cartridges, and more.
  • Ribbons: With high-quality thermal transfer ribbons, you’re sure to get sharp and clear prints.
  • Printer accessories: Get the most efficient performance out of your printer with printheads, unwinders, label dispensers, and other add-ons.

Whether you’re looking for something simple and affordable to print basic labels or a more robust system to handle complex designs, you can find it all at the Argon Technology label accessories online store.

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