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Make your labels extra durable with laminating film for digital printers

Durability requirements for the labels and tags you print can change over time. And when they change to a point where increased durability is needed for your printed pieces, lamination is a great way to ensure it. Digital print laminate films form an additional protective layer that can get your materials through frequent use, harsh environments, and other risks. They help you adapt to emerging business needs and operations while keeping your labels professionally looking and intact. 

You can apply laminating films for digital printers to any labels to protect them from weather conditions, abrasive substances, stains, and wear and tear. With them, you can also create a matte or glossy appeal to transform the look of your printed materials.

Digital laminating films: How to choose the right one?

At Argon Technology, we carry laminating films for a multitude of purposes. They come in liner and linerless rolls, and you can choose from many thickness options when buying laminating films online. The rolls are great for repetitive use and provide you with many feet of laminate covering for your printed pieces.

Depending on the thickness, you can use these lamination films for sale indoors and outdoors. Transparent films work like a charm for printed labels. If you want to make your labels look brighter and protect them from minor UV exposure, you can apply thinner films. However, if you expect your labels to be in harsh weather conditions, you’re better off switching to thicker and more rigid options. These can increase the longevity of any printed material.

Digital laminating films for Label Finishers & Cutter

Argon Technology stocks digital laminating films in 8.5” x 2500 feet, so that it can be used with all the leading Label Finishers and cutters. We also have 12.75” x 5,000 feet rolls for the larger label cutters and finishers.Our laminate film rolls work great with Afinia digital label finishers, DPR Scorpio, Taurus and Virgo desktop label finishing systems and cutters. We can custom make rolls to the size required for your label finishing system and cutter.

Explore high-quality and affordable lamination films for sale

Argon Technology partners with industry-leading manufacturers to provide you with high-quality lamination options at competitive prices. No matter the thickness or type, you can always expect to get reasonably priced digital laminating films as you browse this collection.

We will be happy to negotiate any order quantities for laminating films your business requires. Hit +1-877-842-8486 to talk to one of our representatives and place your order.

We can ship laminating films to any location in the USA and Canada at a fixed rate of $9.99. In most cases, same-day shipping is provided. But if we can’t dispatch your films on the same day, we’ll ship them on the next business day.

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