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Blank label sheets to make your labeling more versatile

Running a manufacturing or packaging business is doomed to failure without quality label media and tools. Depending on the product and why you’re putting that label on in the first place, you may want to swap out your rolls for blank label sheets. With these labels, you can improve your low-volume printing processes or experiment with designs more easily than with rolls.

Whether you need to label barrels with chemicals or put shipping details on large boxes, label sheets can be great for it. They are just as durable as rolls and are compatible with most standard label printers.

At Argon Technology, we’ve compiled this collection of label paper for printers to meet your low-volume labeling needs for cards, signs, stickers, and more. Get them now to use with or instead of your rolls.

Blank labels that deliver

It’s up to you to go with sheets for laser or inkjet printers, as we have them for both options. No matter which home, office, or multifunction printer you rely on, these sheets are easy to print and hand-apply.

Blank labels can be used to print high-gloss and matte paper labels for indoor use. They all come in white and stick permanently to the surface. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to order this label print paper if you aren’t going to expose labeled items outdoors. 

High gloss for a compelling effect

The high-gloss coating gives your labels a lustrous surface that reflects light beautifully. Your images and text will radiate vividness: reds will become fiery, blues – brilliant, and blacks – deep. Why not intensify your printed visuals and up your color game?

Matte for natural appeal

Want to buy labels as sheets with a more subtle look? Matte media have a non-reflective surface that imparts a softer, more natural appearance. This finish works well for an unfussy look and post-printing operations like writing on labels.

Compliant label sheets

To make sure your labels won’t deteriorate because of extreme weather or direct sunlight, choose GHS BS5609 sheets. Although it looks matte or glossy like other media of this type, this label-maker paper is more durable. It meets GHS BS5609 compliance standards for labeling chemicals and thus can withstand the toughest uses.

Expand your labeling options beyond rolls

Can’t wait to experiment with blank labels for printers? Have you been using sheets for years? You can always be sure that Argon Technology is ready to deliver more. If you’re interested in label-making paper, we are up for any quantity and size.

All paper is generally delivered in 8.5” x 11” sheets for compatibility, hassle-free stacking, and fitting in printer paper trays. Sheets are available in 200 to 250 pieces per pack, depending on the sheet size and other specifications. Also, labels come in the most sought-after dimensions compatible with standard printers to enable you to print using your existing setup and software.

Contact us if you have any concerns or need more information about sheets. Our managers will be glad to suggest the optimal type of labels for your business.