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Seiko labels that tick all the boxes

If you rely on Seiko, here are supplies that last and look professional. Seiko labels are known for their resistance to water, oil, dirt, smudges, abrasion, and other common threats in commercial environments. Whether you require white media for office supplies or address labels for mail-outs, Argon Technology has already built a collection to delight you with a wealth of options for your printer.

Explore Seiko labels for sale

Your package, price tag, or label can be a quality benchmark for your customers. Even small details like these create a favorable (or not) impression of your brand and make you stand out from the competition. To be associated with excellence, feed your Seiko unit with the right labels for Seiko printers and handpick the ones that fit your project.

White media

This is the most popular option for resistance and flexibility. White media supplies are perfect for a range of applications, such as small-format barcode labeling, price tags, and identification stickers.

Multipurpose labels

Multipurpose labels have a semi-gloss finish, making them ideal for indoor or outdoor use. They provide superior color reproduction and are matchless for your high-visibility projects.

Address tags

These adhesive Seiko label printer labels are large enough for single and multiple lines of text. They feature a unique coating to reduce smearing and smudging and are available in various colors.

Security stickers

This media type ensures your products will not be tampered with during transportation and storage. They feature proprietary adhesive formulas and designs that resist peeling during handling or shipping – yet still allow removal from surfaces without leaving residue.

Clear shipping labels

These labels enable you to print your own high-visibility logos without sacrificing durability. They are created to adhere securely in any environment and work seamlessly when item tracking or identification is necessary.

Our collection of Seiko labels for sale is constantly expanding, providing you with more blank supplies for any project you are currently working on. Check it out and start creating beautiful and compliant labels that make an impact!