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Nutrition Facts Labeling Basics

Governments around the world require food producers to include nutrition facts on packed food items. These requirements vary from one country to the next, though they are often similar. For example, in Canada and USA, nutrition facts labels contain serving size information, calories, percent daily values, and nutritional information for various nutrients. Minor differences do exist, making it necessary to print nutrition facts labels specific to each country.

Why Food Manufacturers Must Print Nutrition Fact Labels

Nutrition facts labels are designed to provide nutritional information to consumers so that they can make healthier choices. For example, if a consumer needs to restrict sodium, the nutritional facts label shows exactly how much sodium each serving contains along with the percent daily value of that particular serving. Likewise, a consumer looking to boost fiber may opt for a higher fiber product based on information contained within the nutrition facts label.

What are the Nutrition Fact Label Requirements?

Nutrition facts labeling requirements do vary by country, making it important to go directly to the governing authority for current requirements. In general, nutrition facts labels in the United States and Canada must:

•              Adhere to a specific layout

•              Define the item's serving size

•              Contain the number of calories per serving

•              Contain detailed information on a set of core nutrients such as fats, carbohydrates, sodium, protein, and various vitamins.

•              Contain percent daily value information for specific nutrients

Who Must Comply with Nutrition Facts Requirements

Nutrition facts labeling requirements are mandatory on most pre-packaged food products. Some foods are exempt from nutrition labeling. For example, in Canada, "one-bite" confections that are sold individually do not need a nutrition facts label. Likewise individually packaged crackers intended to be served with food at a restaurant do not need a nutrition facts label in Canada. These are rare exceptions to nutritional labeling. In general, if you produce prepackaged food products, you need to be aware of, and comply with, all applicable nutritional labeling requirements.

Printing Your Own Nutrition Facts Labels

Both desktop and digital color label printers make it possible to design and print your own nutrition facts labels. While nutrition facts labels are usually printed in black ink on a white label, many manufacturers opt for color label printers due to their versatility. This allows them to print both the full color "prime" label as well as the standard, high contrast nutrition facts label using the same label printer. Because food items are often changed frequently (for example, new ingredients used or different sizes offered), many manufacturers prefer to print labels on demand. Label design software makes it easy to update the nutrition facts label as needed, minimizing waste and ensuring accuracy and regulatory compliance.

What's Needed for Printing Your Own Nutrition Facts Labels?

Printing your own nutrition facts labels requires a capable label printer and blank label stock. If you want a reliable all-around color label printer for printing high resolution product labels and nutrition fact labels, our inkjet and laser color label printers offer the flexibility you need. If you intend to use a label printer primarily for nutrition facts labels along with the occasional spot color label, consider Epson TM-C3400 or Epson TM-C3500 label printers.

Nutrition Fact Label Printers (These label printers print nutrition label with some spot color)

Compare Epson Nutrition Fact Label Printers

Print Nutrition Fact Labels with full color product labels Printers

  • Primera LX400, Primera LX900, LX2000
  • Afinia L801
  • VIPColor VP485 and VP495

Compare Primera, Afinia and VIPColor Nutrition Fact Label Printers

Nutrition Fact Label Laser Printers

  • Primera CX1000 and CX1200
  • Afinia R635
  • iSys Edge 850 and Apex 1290

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Blank Nutrition Fact Labels

Argon Store carries a variety of blank nutrition facts labels including:

•              Paper labels (matte, semi gloss, and high gloss)

•              Polypropylene labels (clear, matte, and high gloss)

•              Polyester labels (clear, white, and silver)

•              Food grade labels

•              Custom nutrition label stock made to your specifications


Argon Technology: Your Nutrition Fact Labeling Resource

If you produce prepackaged food products, bring your nutrition facts labeling in house. We are food labeling experts and have everything you need to produce your own professional nutrition facts labels.