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iSys Label — Digital Label Makers & Presses for High Volume Label Printing

Of all the label makers available across, some of the fastest, most capable systems are from iSys Label. Built for high volume label production environments, iSys Label digital label makers and presses accept large label rolls. These color label makers feature laser print engines that use dry color and black toner. Optional white toner and variable data printing are also available.

In addition to being able to accommodate large label rolls, iSys Label digital label presses also work with label media widths of 8.5 inches and 12.9 inches, depending on which model you choose.

Fast and Versatile Label Makers

Printing labels with an iSys Label color printer is both fast and versatile. The iSys Label makers listed below are configured for roll to roll printing, allowing you to quickly print a large volume of full color labels. These rolls can then be placed in a label finishing system for finishing operations like lamination, slitting, and unwinding.

Whether you have high volume requirements or need to print large format color labels, iSys Label digital color label printers are capable of producing high resolution full color labels on demand in small, medium, or large quantities.

Using iSys Label Color Label Makers for Product, GHS BS5609, and Specialty Label Applications

iSys Label’s high speed color label makers are commonly used to print product labels thanks to their print quality, volume capabilities, and useful options like white toner and variable data printing.

A GHS version of the Edge 850 is also available, allowing you to quickly and efficiently print GHS BS5609-compliant chemical labels and large format GHS drum labels.

iSys Label’s digital label presses are also a very popular add-on to a digital label finishing system like Scorpio Plus or Scorpio Plus 35. With a label finishing system, you can laminate, die cut, remove matrix, slit and rewind your labels onto finished rolls in one process.

Browse each color label printer listed below to learn more about iSys Label’s digital presses.