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About Us

As an industry-leader in network booting solutions, Argon Technology specializes in network booting tools that streamline client management, improve client security and help reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 

Argon Technology offers a wide range of products that support dozens of popular Network Interface Cards (NICs) running in PXE, TCP/IP, NetWare and RPL environments. Argon's technology is licensed to major technology vendors and Firmware originally developed by Argon developers is installed in millions of workstations around the world. 

Argon Technology products help 
save your business time and money by ensuring the integrity of the client booting process, day in and day out. As the installed base of networked PCs continues to grow, network booting solutions are essential to maintaining the integrity of corporate information infrastructures. Network booting is also an increasingly important element of any total desktop management solution. 

Our Network Booting Solutions 

With Argon Technology's client-based Boot Agent firmware, client PCs can access and boot from server-based boot image files. Using Argon Technology's Boot Agent, client PCs can be remotely managed by network managers. As a result, costly visits to desktops can be eliminated and the cost of administrating networked PCs, workstations and embedded systems can be significantly reduced. With configurable boot options that meet the needs of a wide range of system and network environments.
Argon's client-based Boot Agent firmware is a must-have for effiecient, cost-effective client management. Boot Agent is available as a boot ROM chip for NICs, a binary file for integration into a system BIOS or as a bootable floppy disk or CD.

Our Clients
Argon has the experience to meet your requirements, in every industry and operating environment, worldwide. Our knowledgeable and professional staff can work to implement a product or develop a custom software solution designed for your driver, firmware, utility or application specifications. With a responsive and collaborative process, you can be sure that your project will meet your expectations. Argon develops and distributes innovative quality products that provide the solutions you need to manage your systems more effectively. Our flexible licensing options, quick turnaround, in-house testing lab and production facilities make us the number one choice for the biggest names in networking. The team at Argon gives each and every project the time and attention it needs: Whether you are an international powerhouse like Microsoft, who currently utilizes our PXE Boot Agent firmware, or a small, regional business, like the New Zealand Police Force who currently manages thousands of client PC virtually with our CMS software, Argon's team delivers quality results.

Take advantage of our experience in this area to develop your next software application or diagnostic utility: just take a look at our client list and then request a project quote for more details.