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Buy NeuraLabel 300x labels for on-demand printing

Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing your product with a bright shiny label. However, that’s not enough to achieve the best labeling results. Adhesion and resistance are also important. Inks must squeeze into the pores of the label surface and settle down like sand in water. Fortunately, inkjet paper labels for NeuraLabel 300x have all the qualities you could ask for.

These inkjet labels are compatible with NeuraLabel 300x pigment inkjet label printers and can be customized to suit specific requirements. Whether you are in the food industry or provide packaging solutions, you can order the best media for your in-house NeuraLabel machines without going elsewhere.

Cost-effective labeling with labels for NeuraLabel 300x

Your production needs to be as lean as possible, regardless of the size of your business. Outsourcing may undermine your agility, and having someone to take care of your product labeling can also impact cost-efficiency. That’s why investing in NeuraLabel GHS blank labels and printers is a smart choice to benefit from:

  •      Reduced cost. Having to pre-order and store labels comes with high storage costs, not to mention the space they will take up. When you have your own NeuraLabel printer, you can print as many labels as you need to meet the existing demand for your products.
  •      Availability.With easy-to-order inkjet labels for NeuraLabel 300x, you will never run out of quality supplies. Whether you have to fulfill urgent demands or start a promotional campaign, buying them from Argon Technology gives you the flexibility to print whenever you need them.
  •      Last-minute changes. Nobody keeps count of unused labels that end up in the trash, but that’s where your money goes. You can avoid these expenses by having your own stock of blank inkjet labels. They can also be customized to accommodate last-minute changes or sudden rebranding.
  •      Testing. You can’t expect your printing supplier to keep sending you free samples for testing. With your own labeling systems, you can test as many designs and layouts as you want.

Versatile and affordable NeuraLabel GHS labels for sale

Enjoy the flexibility and cost-efficiency of printing on-demand and meeting GHS BS5609 compliance standards. At Argon Technology, you can order NeuraLabel GHS labels online in matte finish and different sizes Our NeuraLabel 300x Chemical labels have an ¼” gap with ¼” black sensor mark. These weatherproof media can stick to any material with consistency. Plus, the water, chemical and oil-resistant  ensures long-lasting application without fading, curling, or peeling.

Ready to try these high-quality labels with your NeuraLabel 300x? Give us a call!

Argon Technology sells the following type of NeuraLabel 300x labels. We can custom make laels to your specific size requirements, using the following mateirals, that work with the pigment inks used by the NeuraLabel 300 color digital label printer:

  • NeuraLabel 300x Matte Paper Labels – these are general purpose paper based labels with a matte finish and permanent adhesive.
  • NeuraLabel 300x High Gloss Paper Labels – these are paper based labels, but has a shiny, glossy topcoat. The glossy topcoat makes the colors pop out and these labels are have a permanent adhesive.
  • NeuraLabel 300x Matte Polypropylene Film Labels – a synthetic film with a matte finish and permanent adhesive.
  • NeuraLabel 300x Glossy Polypropylene Film Labels – a synthetic film label with a glossy topcoat so that you have a shiny surface that helps colors stand out more. This label has both Permanent adhesive and a Removable adheisve also option.

NeuraLabel 300x GHS BS5609 Chemical Labels – these are a special synthetic label with a matte topcoat. These are extremely durable labels that can be used for outdoor applications, salt watler immersion for up to 12 months, chemical etc.