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BarTender Label Software


The BarTender label software is currently available in four versions: Basic Edition, Professional Edition, Automation Edition and Enterprise Automation Edition. Basic Edition is primarily designed for individual entrepreneurs and small departments. Professional Edition fits more for small businesses and bigger departments. The companies which are big enough to go for automation of label production would prefer Automation Edition. Enterprise Automation Edition is for the businesses which want wider control of their automated digital label printing. Read below the more focused review of each version.

General Software Features

An intuitive interface is a steadfast attribute of the BarTender label printing software. All the versions contain card and label design features which are used frequently. Among them all graphics, barcode and text capabilities are. Their usage and projects in general can be serialized.

Alternate the preset BarTender templates with your own designs. While making templates yourself, rely on smart wizards guide recommendations when it comes to critical decisions. Either use hundreds of available images and shapes patterns or import some from your computer.

The producer (company is called Seagull) issues free drivers to help you reconcile the software with your computers and printers.

The businesses interested mostly in merchandise machine codes will prefer the BarTender barcode software part of the product. They will enjoy over 400 barcode format components, 50 barcode symbolic systems, 12 extra barcode standards.

Basic Edition

This version provides its customers with the core set of the tools, templates, shapes, design and serialization capabilities. The advantage is lower BarTender software license cost while the majority of the features are still available.

Professional Edition

This package adds more label and card designs and enables RFID encoding. In addition, with Professional Edition one can extract content from external sources like databases, files, and spreadsheets.

Automation Edition

We understand the prime advantage from the title. It is for the businesses that produce labels in such capacity and/or variety that it requires automation. For smooth and efficient automation process an operator will use Intelligent Templates. The automation also implies that the process of printing can be launched from other programs. The printing automation is possible with small-scale projects, so why does anyone not go for this edition even if one is not engaged in large-scale work? The automation features influence the BarTender software price, and it demands additional user's knowledge.

Enterprise Automation Edition

The advanced automation package allows creating an outstanding printing environment with more features for control and connectivity to the process. In this version you can integrate the system with Oracle and ASAP, print from iOS and Android devices. Moreover, enjoy centralized management and upgraded securities.

Seagull releases a free trial version for all customers. After the expiry you may purchase the BarTender software license to continue.