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Primera LX500c color label printer

Primera LX500 color label printer Product Description

Print the labels you need whenever you need them with the LX500c Color Label Maker from Primera Technology! This all-purpose color label printer is built and designed with dependability in mind, making it perfect for small business owners who are tired of spending their time and money ordering printed labels. Now, print professional-grade labels in-house with the Primera LX500c Color Label Maker. 

A Label Printer That Celebrates Your Products

Never again waste your money on sub-par labels. With the Primera LX500c Color Label Maker, you can turn heads and grab the attention of every customer with labels that showcase the quality of each product you sell. 

Using the LX500c printer, you can design labels that effectively communicate the benefits of your products. Plus, specially designed labels will celebrate the uniqueness of your products and set them apart from the competition. 

A Dependable Printer with Reliable Efficiency

The LX500c printer is perfect for small businesses that are in constant need of labels at a moment's notice. With a printing capacity of a whopping 500 to 1,500 pages per month, this printer has the endurance needed for even the fastest-growing home businesses. 

The high-quality construction of the LX500c color printer ensures it has the power to turn out quality labels for your products day after day. With this model, you'll never have to scramble to get the labels you need printed in time. Instead, you can count on the LX500c printer to produce the labels you need, whenever you need them. 

Built-In Cutter for Easy Label Separation

The LX500c color printer is meticulously crafted to include everything you need to have the best label-printing experience possible—including after your labels have already been printed. This model arrives complete with a "pizza-wheel" cutter that allows you to separate your labels with ease when printing more than one at a time. With the addition of this label cutter, you'll be attaching labels to your products in record time. 

Save Time and Money With DIY Label Printing

Outsourcing your label production may seem like a good idea at first, but will end up giving you a headache in the long run. With the LX500c color label printer, you'll reduce the cost it takes to produce labels—especially if you're a small business owner producing hundreds each month. Plus, printing in-house allows you to create new labels whenever you need them. Not only is this convenient, but it allows you to use the time you'd spend ordering new labels on more important tasks.

Tons of Power in a Compact Package

Though it has the capacity to print hundreds of labels each month, the LX500c label maker won't take up an entire corner of your office. Instead, this compact model packs its high-quality printing properties into a small package for your convenience. This way, you can use the limited space in your home-based business most efficiently.

The Perfect Printer for Both Home and Commercial Use

The reliable construction of this printer makes it perfect for use in small or home-based businesses that need tools they can count on. With it's small size and durable design, you can count on this label maker to meet your every need. Plus, it doubles as a way to improve your home. Whether you're reorganizing your home office or your kitchen, this printer is ideal for anyone in need of labels. 

With this label maker, you can print labels from anywhere between 0.75” and 4.25” in width, making it ideal for a large variety of uses—from labeling products to simply organizing your home. For more label-printing options, check out the LX500, which is a 4-inch wide printer, or the LX910 and LX3000 models; both of which can print labels up to 8" wide.

The Labels You Need, Whenever You Need Them

Opt for a label maker that can meet the needs of your home-based business. With the LX500c printer, you'll get the efficiency you need in a compact, easy-to-store package.

With this model, you can have all the labels you need with just the press of a button. And for labeling equipment that is just as dependable as your label maker, check out these LX500 inks and LX500 labels. Upgrade your label-making system for good with the Primera LX500c Color Label Maker today.