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Order horticultural labels and tags online for plant identification and marking

Organizing your plants is nothing but challenging as you need plenty of tags and signs that can be easily attached to different surfaces. They must be durable enough to align with your identification practices wherever you use them, whether in the wet environment or other extreme conditions. They must also be easily detachable from a roll, so you can put them on without a hitch. Finally, these signs and tags should be affordable. As a horticultural labels and tags store, Argon Technology provides you with the media that meet all these requirements!

Whether you’re growing plants for business or pleasure, proper tags and signs can help you avoid making a mess of your inventory. They can be used for identification, description, or caring tips to comply with your company policies and regulations.

Single-sided and double-sided horticulture signs for sale

Argon Technology carries horticultural labels for a wide variety of applications, from pots to baskets. You can select from the most popular shapes, sizes, and single-sided or double-sided options. For any specific requirements, customization can be requested.

You can order horticulture labels in white die-cut rolls for improved usability. All signs and labels are GHS BS5609-compliant, which makes them ideal for tough applications. They are proven to not fade for a long time without compromising their permanent adhesive qualities. That’s why they won’t fall off even in extreme conditions.

A single die-cut roll comes with 100 to 2,000 labels. Even if you have a slew of plants out there, we can help you nail identification of each of them!

Affordable horticulture signs, tags, and labels in the USA and Canada

Horticulture can be your hobby or business, but you’ll always need tags, signs, and labels to arrange your garden space properly. The good news for you is that Argon Technology is here 24/7. We accept orders for horticultural labels and tags online and leave no room for sticker shock. What’s more, we are always ready to negotiate discounts depending on your order size.

Looking to buy horticulture tags, labels, or signs for unusual pots or containers? We can supply them once you share more details with Argon Technology specialists.

We ship at a flat rate of $9.99 throughout Canada and the USA. You can call us toll-free at +1-877-842-8486 or contact us any other way if you need help or more information.

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