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NiceLabel Software — Barcode and Label Design Software for Businesses of All Sizes offers another choice in professional label and barcode design software: NiceLabel. NiceLabel software is available in several different editions, at different price points, enabling you to choose the solution that best fits your label design needs and budget.

In general, NiceLabel label design software is broken down into three categories:

-     Design and Print — The entry-level edition of NiceLabel software is Designer Express. This has the most basic features for designing and printing barcodes and labels and is for one user only. It does, however, include the ability to print data from Excel and other files. The next step up is the NiceLabel Designer Pro edition, which adds features such as full database connectivity and has multi-user options.

-     Design and Controlled Print — If you need the controlled printing features of NiceLabel, you’ll want to consider NiceLabel PowerForms (one user) or PowerForms Suite (available for multiple users). These editions provide integrated printing controls to help you streamline label printing and reduce errors.

-     Managed Design and Controlled Print — Larger enterprises may be best served with a full-blown label management system such as NiceLabel LMS Enterprise or LMS Pro. These editions include all of the features of the other editions including the integrated printing controls from PowerForms and add enterprise features such as document management system with version control, approval workflows, and quality assurance tools. LMS Enterprise also adds a non-production environment and a change and transport system. NiceLabel’s managed design and controlled print editions are available for multiple users printing across 5, 10, 20, 50, or more printers.

Not sure which edition of NiceLabel is best for your organization? We have a free, 30-day trial where you can try each edition without restriction. Browse the selection of NiceLabel products below to learn more and then download the trial to get a realistic user experience before you buy.

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