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Hot Sauce Labeling Basics

Whether you produce hot pepper sauce, fresh salsa, jarred salsa, or any other form of hot sauce for resale, your product will need to be labeled — and the hot sauce label must comply with food labeling requirements in the country it will be sold in. In general, hot sauce is labeled with a colorful "prime" product label and a country-specific compliant nutrition facts label along with an ingredient list. 

Hot Sauce Labeling: Outsource or Do it Yourself?

When it comes to producing hot sauce labels, you have two main choices: work with a commercial printer or print your own hot sauce labels. The problem with commercial printing services is that most have large volume requirements. If you have a smaller need, you could end up with high upfront costs and a large inventory of printed hot sauce labels. What happens if you change an ingredient or food labeling requirements change? All of that inventory, not to mention the expense, will be wasted. Printing your own hot sauce labels is a much better option; one that gives you greater control over your hot sauce labels, excellent print quality, and at a much better price point.

Hot Sauce Label Printers

For example, the Primera LX400 color label printer is an affordable, entry-level color label printer capable of producing high resolution, photo quality hot sauce labels on demand. This color label printer is ideal for small manufacturers with limited print runs. If you need greater capacity and speed, we recommend stepping up to the Primera LX900, Primera CX1000, or Afinia L801. Not sure which color label printer is best for your hot sauce labels? We are happy to provide you with printed samples from each of the color label printers we sell along with a detailed cost analysis based on your anticipated monthly quantity of labels.

Compare Primera and Afinia Label Printers

Hot Sauce Label Stock

We also carry blank media for hot sauce labels including:

•              Paper labels (matte, high gloss, and semi gloss)

•              Polyester labels (white, vinyl, and clear)

•              Polypropylene labels

•              Food grade labels

•              Water- and oil-resistant labels

•              Custom labels in any material, size, or shape are also available 

Hot Sauce Label Considerations

Just as there are many different ways to create hot sauce, there are many different ways to label your products. Some manufacturers use two hot sauce labels: An eye-catching product label for the front and a secondary nutrition label for the back. Others use a single label for both and wrap it around the entire bottle. Others add a neckband label. Your preferences will determine whether you need standard hot sauce labels or custom die-cut labels in a specific size or shape.

Hot Sauce Label Design

Many of our recommended hot sauce label printers come with label design software, making designing your own hot sauce product labels a simple matter of drag and drop. We also offer standalone label design software that's compatible with virtually any color label printer you may have:

•              NiceLabel Label Design Software

•              BarTender Label Design Software

 Hot Sauce Label Expertise at Argon Technologoy

Argon Technology is staffed by a team of label experts. We can help you select the best hot sauce label printer, supplies, and blank labels based on your specific needs. Contact us today to get started.