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Primera LX500 labels for sale — The best match for your dye-based inks

So, you’ve filled your shelves with Primera 53374 dye-based tri-color ink cartridges and are ready to go with your Primera LX500 dye inkjet color label printer. If compatible label media is the only thing missing, Argon Technology brings it right at your fingertips. In this selection, you can find Primera LX500 printer labels and LX500c printer labels in the quantity your labeling processes call for.

All these label rolls qualify for same-day or next-day shipping. You can expect a $9.99 flat rate shipping for your order if you need them to be delivered anywhere in the USA or Canada. The tracking number is provided straight away in your Argon Technology account.

The right type of Primera LX500 labels for your needs

Have you set up the LX500c to identify lab specimens with crisp text? Do you use the LX500ccolor label printer to spruce up your wine bottles with eye-catching glossy labels? No matter the industry you’re involved in, we have Primera LX500c, LX400 and Primera LX500 labels that are perfect for the purpose.

When considering the type of label media for your printer, you can choose from:

  •      Paper labels for Primera LX500c, LX400 and LX500 for indoor use and text printing
  •      Synthetic labels, including polyester and polypropylene options
  •      Matte and glossy labels
  •      Label rolls 

Primera LX400 Labels For Sale

Primera LX400 labels are the same as per Primera LX500 labels. These labels can be interchanged between these two printers. The Primera LX400 is just the older version of the Primera LX500 label printer and both these printers use the same type of labels and ink technology. So any LX400 Label can be used with the LX500 and any LX500 Labels can be used with the LX400.

Polyester and polypropylene labels can be your way to go if the end product is going to be used outdoors or under tough conditions. They are more water-resistant and durable than paper labels, although both types are great for text, colorful prints, identification elements, illustrations, graphics, and more.

Both paper and synthetic blank labels for Primera LX500c, Lx400 and LX500 are available in the most commonly used sizes in the laboratory and production environments. You can simplify the searching process by selecting the best option using the filter.

Custom Primera LX500 printer labels

If standard-sized labels don’t cut it for your applications, Argon Technology will be delighted to meet your specific needs. With us, you can buy Primera LX500 printer labels, LX400 labels or LX500c media in custom sizes and shapes. We can make them on demand to match your products’ dimensions and the LX500 printer. Custom labels are available in wholesale quantities, as well.

Please contact us to share your products’ sizes and shapes for custom LX500, LX400 or LX500c labels. We’ll then provide you with all the necessary information to proceed, including a no-obligation quote.