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Enhance the look of your labels with on-demand UV coating machines

UV coating is an excellent way to make your print materials stand out. By applying it, you can significantly improve the look and value of your product labels, business cards, flyers, postcards, catalog covers, and brochures. This coating also ensures protection against scratches, smudges, and dirt. Whether you’re going to coat sheet or other labels, UV coating machines can make a perfect addition to your in-house equipment.

These machines are versatile systems that provide an effective solution for on-demand digital printing and finishing. Take a closer look to find the one that fits your in-house setups and printing needs.

One UV coater — One smart investment

Ultraviolet coating adds a perfect finishing touch to your printing jobs. Compared to digital finishers, these UV coaters for sale help you make your labels catchy more quickly and consistently. Plus, they are widely prized for:

  • No-fuss setup. UV coaters are portable and lightweight. That means they can be easily set up in a limited space and are convenient to operate.
  • Glossy finish.One of the biggest plus points of UV coating is the brilliant glossy finish that you can get. The lasting, rub-resistant finishing can greatly add to your labels.
  • Abrasion resistance. This coating provides an extra layer of protection that shelters the printed piece from abrasion. It can withstand harsh conditions and stay firm even if exposed to unintended use.
  • Appearance. Company logos and images look even better with UV coating. The details pop out on the surface, which makes them more visually appealing.
  • Smart investment. In the long term, the price of a UV coating machine is lower than what you would pay to have your labels or business cards coated. It’s a one-time investment that can prevent you from forking out for service charges all the time.

Cutting-edge UV coating machines for sale at Argon Technology

Argon Technology is a tech-driven company committed to providing advanced printers, coaters, supplies, and accessories. Our range of UV coater products for sale is yet another proof of this claim.

Given the rising interest in on-demand inkjet label printing, we strive to bridge the gap with the highest value products. By bringing the best coating machines into this collection, we can help you make your printed pieces look more competitive and irresistible.

Have you never used coaters before? Contact our team for tips on choosing one.