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Primera LX3000 Color Label Printer

Primera LX3000 Color Label Printer Product Description

Add the Primera LX3000 Color Label Printer to your office to provide quality printing combined with high output capabilities. The Primera LX3000 Color Label Printer with big ink prints up to 4.5 inches a second, making quick work of your printing tasks. This model, available with both dye inks and pigment inks, provides a versatile and easy-to-use option. 

With a pizza-cutter style label cutter, the Primera LX3000 Color Label Printer makes quick work of processing labels. 

Why Choose the Primera LX3000 Color Label Printer

When selecting the best printer for color labels there are a few things to keep in mind. The printing resolution available with the printer has a tremendous impact on the quality of the label. High-resolution printing is not only easier to read, but also creates a more professional look that will catch the eye of consumers. 

The Primera LX3000 Color Label Printer offers a print resolution of up to 1200 x 4800 dpi. This should be more than adequate for most printing situations. 

Print speed is another factor to consider when selecting a color label printer. The Primera LX3000 prints in draft mode at 4.5 inches per second, normal mode at 1.8 inches a second, and high-quality mode at 0.8 inches per second. 

The choice between inkjet and laser printers is also important when selecting a color label printer. Laser printers are popular due to their lower cost per label and quicker printing speed, but inkjet printers are superior in other ways. 

An inkjet printer allows for a greater level of control and detail in the printing process and the resulting labels. The lower cost per label of the laser printer is offset by its higher upfront cost as well as the less impressive results of the printed material. 

Speaking of cost per label, that is another consideration when purchasing a color label printer for your business. The cost per label takes into account such things as the cost of ink and maintenance expenses, so investing in a printer designed for the job, such as the Primera LX3000, ensures you keep your costs under control. 

Ease of use is another important factor when selecting a color label printer for your business. Learning new hardware is part of many jobs in today's world, but there is no reason to make it more challenging than necessary. Time spent training is time that could be better spent conducting business. A complicated printer also increases the risk of errors, even among the trained staff. Printing errors increase costs and cause unnecessary wear on the machine. 

The Primera LX3000 is designed to be easy to use. Intuitive, this printer makes printing labels a breeze. The included software makes it easy to create labels, or, if you prefer, you can import existing labels from another program. 

Dye Versus Pigment Inks

Choosing between dye and pigment inks requires an understanding of the differences between the two and how you prioritize your needs. Dye inks are generally more vibrant, but are also sensitive to moisture. Pigment ink may not have quite the vibrancy of dye inks, but are more resistant to water and UV fading. This makes pigment dyes the superior choice for outdoor use. Pigments inks are also great for producing GHS BS5609 compliant chemical labels, when printing on matte chemical label materials. If you purchase the Primera LX3000 Pigment Ink, you can also purchase the LX3000 Dye ink and change it, if you labeling requirements change. The LX3000 has both type of inks available. You must purchase the printhead and the inks separately.

The Primera LX3000 Color Label Printer is available in both dye and pigment, allowing you to choose the color label printer that best meets your needs. 

This printer comes with separate tanks for cyan, yellow, and magenta inks, as well as process black. This makes it possible to create 16.7 million colors to ensure your labels look exactly how you like. Color matching is a breeze, with ICC color profiles for all media supplied by Primera and the ability to add custom ICC color profiles on your own. 

Software Included

The Primera LX3000 Color Label Printer comes with Seagull Scientific BarTender Ultralight. This allows you to download and import logos and graphics and create bar codes. If you design your label in another program, you can save it as a high-resolution .jpg, .png., .pdf., .bmp., or .tiff and use our software to print your labels. 

The Primera LX3000 Color Label Printer is a great choice if you are in the market for a reliable, easy-to-use color label printer that provides professional results.