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Primera LX910 Color Label Printer

Are you aware that the color label printing sector is nearly a $2 billion industry? So while buying a cheap color label printer seems inviting, resist doing so. 

Buying a cheap product label printer eventually results in smudged labels or unnecessary expenses. However, the quality of your printed brand and logo makes a difference for returning customers. So, do yourself a favor, and read why the Primera label printer is the only color printer that makes business sense. 

Purchasing a Primera LX910 color label printer equals product label versatility and efficiency. And with Primera printer labels and LX910 inks, there's no bottle, box, or wrapping out of reach. 

Background on the Primera Label Printer

Unlike regular inkjet printers, the price for color label printers can start at $1,500. But printing costs are unavoidable if you're a small business that sells custom products. Regarding reliability, consistency, and affordability, the Primera LX910 color label printer is the ticket. 

The Primera LX910 color label printer marks the recent upgrade for the discontinued LX900 Primera label maker series. On average, this color label printer costs $2,795

And like other product label printers, Primera label printers afford you greater ink control. So don't worry about printing banding. 

LX910 labels with LX910 inks virtually eliminate the annoying banding effect. Printing banding results from color label makers printing vertical or horizontal lines. It might also leave color streaks and other distortions. 

The Primera LX910 color label printer with Primera labels is dynamite for: 

  • Mug branding
  • Wine and bottle labeling
  • Bakery packaging
  • Meat labeling

Primera printer labels with Primera's fastest product label printer work well for chemical product labeling. LX910 labels also work fabulously for name badges. 

The Design of this Product Label Printer

Primera LX910 color label printers come in a charcoal-colored steel case. In addition, this color label maker comes with a USB 2.0 port to connect to your laptop or computer. Its software comes for Windows users or MacOS 10.9 or higher operators.   

Primera LX910 color label printers come with Bartender Ultralite Software. This is an ideal solution for e-commerce and retail businesses for printing and designing barcodes. Naturally, you can get your LX910 labels from us.  

These new product label printers can print up to 8.25 inches wide on Primera labels. And when it comes to speed, this color label maker puts other product label printers out to pasture.  

The Primera LX910 color label printer has multiple printing speeds that limit color bleeding. 

In test mode, it can print up to 4.5 inches per second. You can expect clean and crisp results at 1.8 inches per second for normal printing operations. When you're ready to showcase your brand on mugs, expect high-quality results at 0.8 inches per second.  

Ideally, Primera label printers are built for short-run printing. For example, the flagship Primera LX910 color label printer delivers up to 5,000 high-quality prints daily. Previous Primera printer label printers could deliver anywhere from 500 to 3000 daily printing labels.      

A new printhead comes from the installation of LX910 inks. These new printheads help to ensure accurate color results on Primera labels. Because you swap these printheads frequently, they don't interfere with other printer parts. 

As a result, you don't have to spend thousands on a new product label printer frequently. Primera LX910 color printers support both dye and pigment LX910 inks.     

The LX910 Inks

Consumers have the unique pleasure of buying either dye or pigment LX910 inks. Dye LX910 ink excels for interior printed labels. Most retail packaging falls under this category. 

Dye LX910 ink comes complimentary with Primera LX910 color label printers. Dye inks generally blend in and fade better on printing labels. This results in more saturated colors to make labels stand out. 

They excel in branding food, wine, bottles, and other retail products.  

However, pigmented LX910 inks must be purchased separately. Pigmented LX910 inks flourish with printing labels meant for outdoor venues. They also are water-based. 

Pigmented LX910 inks also endure ultraviolet rays well. Also, these high-caliber inks won't fade for a couple of years. On the flip side, Primera labels with pigmented ink don't have vibrant colors. 

Businesses in the industrial sector might turn to pigmented LX910 inks over dye. Barcodes and tags are examples of pigmented ink. 

While pigmented LX910 inks are more expensive, they are suitable for various Primera printer labels. 

Both LX910 inks work with rolls of LX910 labels. So, don't hesitate to peruse our inventory of Primera labels

  • High gloss printing labels
  • Matte printing labels
  • Clear polyester labels 

Our Primera labels come in different sizes and lengths. In addition, you can purchase them in square and circle formats. 

The polyester labels are made from highly durable TuffCoat substrates. This makes your printing labels more resistant to smudges, scratches, and tears. 

Unlike other Primera label printers, you can buy LX910 inks in a single cartridge. 

These inks contain essential cyan, yellow and magenta colors. Most color label printers require four separate inks to function. 

Other Primera Label Printer Features      

The Primera LX910 color label printer delivers high-quality prints with 4800 dpi resolution. In addition, you can control the LX910 ink flow through the printer's buttons. You can also adjust the colors through the software on your computer. 

This product label printer has a gap sensor to prevent misaligned printing labels. The gap sensor automatically detects printing labels not inserted correctly. It also comes with an adjustable guide to fit different printing label sizes. 

You can control the print size through the printer's software. When you begin a print job, your Primera label printer informs you of the ink levels. Then, it displays the amounts in ten percent increments. 

The Primera LX910 color label printer also comes with a cost estimator. This unique feature records the previous five printing label jobs. Then, it factors this price against the entered cost of the ink cartridge. 

That way, you are assured of never running out of LX910 inks for vital printing jobs. And when the ink levels record 0%, the ink warning light flashes. 

You can pause and resume printing labels by pressing the pause and resume buttons. Also, you can pause print jobs through the Primera software program. Use the built-in label cutter to produce uniform and smooth printing labels.  

Setting up Primera Label Printer

Primera label makers are highly user-friendly to use and set up. After finding its location, open up the metal case. There is a latch on the side for a swift opening and closing.

Be sure to remove all the paper and cardboard coverings. You should find the LX910 inks in the back inside the cardboard. Next, remove the tape from the printing area. 

And don't forget to remove the blue tape that keeps in the ink cartridge container closed. Next, connect the Primera label printer to your computer. Then connect the power source. 

You will find the on-switch in the back. Press it. This move automatically positions the ink cartridge holder for easy access. 

Also, remove all the tape from the ink tank. Finally, don't forget about the cover covering the ink jets. You can only fit the LX910 inks one way, so you don't have to worry about mechanical problems.

Your product label printer automatically calibrates the colors for you. First, install the printing software and the optional Barcode software. Next, locate the long and metallic paper stockholder. 

Then slide the guide down. Next, place your roll down the stockholder. Next, set the paper guide against the roll of printing labels. 

But be sure to leave a sliver of space between the guide and the roll of printing labels. Take the label's end and insert it between the label feeder. You may have to adjust the feeder's guides accordingly. 

Gently insert the labels down the feeder. The stock sensor will detect and adjust the stock automatically if done correctly. Finally, close the printer. 

If there are errors, the load and feed buttons will flash and beep. And finally, start printing labels! 

More on the Primera Label Printer      

Currently, the latest Primera label printer is the primera LX910 label's series. In addition, there are the LX910 and LX910e models. Don't hesitate to contact us with further questions. 

You can visit our shop page for other professional Primera label printers. On the shop page, you will find other product label printers like Epson and Alfina. 

For more sophisticated barcode software, don't miss the BarTender label software. We also supply thermal labels and thermal ribbons. And check out our blog for the latest trends for printing Primera labels.