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Label handling equipment to accompany your printer

So, you have a well-performing label printer. But it turns out inefficiency has many ways to creep into your processes. You still feed material into the printer, cut labels, put them onto rolls, and apply them to boxes – all with your hands. Indeed, handling labels is just as complicated as printing them.

What if you could minimize manual effort for all tasks? Label handling equipment is your ticket to processes that don’t drive anyone mad and increase printing costs. It includes a variety of machines that can transform the way you handle labels and barcodes before and after printing.

Streamline your labeling operations to usher in a new level of productivity. Discover how advanced equipment can optimize your workflows and make your label printer the most efficient performer on the team.

Label applicators – Automate the way you put labels

Applicators are a huge relief for coworkers who apply labels manually. These devices can be adjusted to a range of label sizes and shapes to upend your production and packaging, ensuring precise and consistent placement every time. 

Make your productivity unmatched, eliminate placement errors, and reduce labor costs with intuitive label applicators. They are available in one-label and two-label versions to simplify any application task with central or front/rear labels for bottles and containers.

UV coaters – Shining brilliance on every label

Why not enhance your labels visually? UV coaters ensure a flawless finish that amplifies the appeal of what you put on your product and provides long-lasting durability. By applying a UV coating to your labels, you protect them from fading, scratches, and moisture. That means your product can travel to the end user without the risk of your labels losing their shine.

UV coaters can also help you elevate your brand image with vibrant labels that leave a lasting impression. When used properly, they are the secret weapon for achieving brilliance in every printed piece.

Label dispensers – Efficiency must-haves

Time is money, and dispensers are here to save you both. Refine the effort that goes into handling labels at your facility with machines that do the peeling and roll dispensing for you automatically. Whether you’re working with large volumes or small batches, dispensers allow you to load your labels, set the desired length, and let the machine separate the backer for swift application. This dramatically increases productivity to reclaim valuable time for your business.

Label rewinders & unwinders – Optimize label management

Efficient label management is a hard-to-accomplish task without rewinders and unwinders. Designed for handling labels, material, and rolls, these machines protect your operations from tangled, unevenly wound labels. With adjustable speed and tension control, rewinders and unwinders adapt to your label runs and media type to boost efficiency and facilitate label management.

Other equipment

Do not limit the efficiency potential of your label runs. Choose handling equipment that works best for your workflows and combine several machines like unwinders, applicators, and UV coaters. Depending on your operations and media type, you can also invest in matrix removal systems, label cutters & finishers available at Argon Technology.