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Thermal Transfer Labels / Thermal Barcode Labels

Argon Technology has a large selection of thermal transfer barcode labels for all of your desktop and industrial thermal transfer label and barcode printing needs.

Desktop Thermal Transfer Labels

With a 1-inch core and 4-inch and 5-inch outside diameter, this selection of desktop thermal transfer labels are intended for use with desktop thermal barcode printers. These desktop barcode labels are compatible with a wide range of desktop thermal transfer barcode printers from Zebra, SATO, Intermec, Printronix, Toshiba, GoDEX, TSC, and other brands. Note: the use of thermal transfer barcode ribbons is required.

Our desktop thermal transfer labels feature a smooth, white surface for crisp barcode labels and excellent print quality. Both labels with adhesive and tags without adhesive are available. Square and rectangular shapes are available in sizes ranging from 1 ½ by ½ inches to 4 by 6 ½ inches.

A variety of label types are available including:

-   Matte paper labels — Matte labels are ideal for a wide range of general purpose labels and barcodes.

-   Matte polypropylene labels (use with wax/resin barcode ribbons) — These UV- and moisture-resistant barcode labels offer smudge-proof printing for shipping labels, nursery labels, and lumber labels and can be used outdoors for up to one year.

-   Glossy polyester labels (use with resin barcode ribbons) — These UL-certified glossy polyester labels are UV, moisture and chemical resistant for up to 1½ years and are ideal for weatherproof thermal transfer label applications for outdoor use such as lumberyards, plant nurseries, and outdoor garden centers.

Industrial Thermal Transfer Labels

We also have a large selection of industrial thermal transfer labels for printing barcode labels, shipping labels, price tags and labels, identification labels, and more. These industrial thermal transfer labels feature a smooth white surface for superior print quality, perforations for easy separation, and are wound out.

Each roll is on a 3-inch core with an outside diameter of 8 inches, which is ideal for modern industrial thermal barcode printers. Choose from a variety of label materials such as matte paper barcode labels, matte polypropylene barcode labels and glossy polyester barcode labels. If you need to print labels and barcodes for outdoor applications like nurseries or lumberyards, we have UL-certified glossy polyester labels for weatherproof thermal transfer label applications for outdoor use.

We also have industrial thermal transfer tags (no adhesive) featuring 7-point cardstock and a 1/8th inch hang hole. These thermal transfer tags come on a 3-inch core and have a bright white coating for superior print quality.

The industrial thermal transfer labels and tags listed below require the use of thermal transfer ribbons and are compatible with a wide range of industrial barcode printers from thermal transfer printer brands like Zebra, SATO, GoDEX, Fargo, NEC, Datamax, Intermec, Printronix, Toshiba, TSC, and more. These industrial thermal transfer labels come in a variety of sizes ranging from 1” x ½” to 6 ½” by 4”.

With a variety of sizes, large 8-inch OD rolls, low prices, and flat rate shipping to USA and Canada, Argon Technology is your source for industrial thermal transfer barcode labels. Stock up today.

Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal transfer barcode printers use heat and a coated ribbon to print barcodes, graphics, and text onto thermal transfer labels. Argon Technology has a large selection of thermal transfer labels engineered specifically for use with thermal transfer printers.

How Thermal Transfer Labels and Printers Work

Thermal transfer labels, which can be made from a variety of materials, are used with thermal transfer printers. Rather than using liquid ink or dry toner, these printers use thermal transfer ribbons, which are thin synthetic films coated with wax, resin, or a wax-resin combination. To produce the image, a heated printhead heats the ribbon. The coated side of the ribbon faces the label. The thermal heat melts the wax or resin coating onto the thermal transfer label producing a printed label.

Why Use Thermal Transfer Printing over Direct Thermal Printing?

Direct thermal printers do not require the use of a ribbon and must use heat-activated direct thermal labels. Some thermal label printers can be used to print either direct thermal or thermal transfer labels. Though you must use a ribbon with thermal transfer printing, the biggest advantages to choosing thermal label printing over direct thermal printing are increased durability and lifespan.

For example, direct thermal labels use heat-sensitive paper to produce an image. There’s no ink placed upon the material whatsoever; rather a thermal reaction occurs. After the label is printed, it has a limited life due to the natural environment it will be exposed to. UV light and heat will cause the label to fade over time.