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Sihl ARTYSIO Flexible Packaging Materials for Afinia FP-230

Are you looking for flexible packaging materials that will work with the Afinia FP-230 flexible packaging press? Sihl ARTYSIO films are just what you need. The FP-230 is powered by the Afinia L901 Memjet printer, and these films have been designed to work with it.

We carry Sihl ARTYSIO films for both vertical and horizontal form, fill, and seal machines (VFFS and HFFS).

Flexible Packaging on Demand

With the Afinia FP-230, small and mid-sized businesses now have an affordable, sustainable way to create flexible packaging on-demand. We carry the whole line of Sihl ARTYSIO films for use with this machine, including:

  • 5402 Artysio NW P&P PET DH HFFS 65 W -- 5402 is a white/white PET film for horizontal form, fill, and seal (HFFS) equipment with a weight of 65g. This product offers an easy opening function for a fantastic consumer experience. This item is ideal as primary packaging for items such as sweets, chocolate items, confectionery, or tea, since to its excellent water vapor barrier.
  • 5403 Artysio NW P&P PET DH VFFS 65 W -- ARTYSIO 5403 flexible packaging film is similar to ARTYSIO 5402 in terms of its white/white coloring, 65g weight, and PET film composition. However, it is intended for use with vertical form, fill, and seal (VFFS) machines.
  • 5404 Artysio NW P&P PETMET DH VFFS 65 W -- Product protection is a top priority for manufacturers of herbs, spices, tea, nuts, dry pet food, and detergents who seek to extend their product shelf life. ARTYSIO 5404 is a 65g white PET-based film with a metallic barrier that protects the freshness, aroma, and appearance of these products.
  • 5413 Artysio NW P&P PP DM VFFS 94 W -- 5413 is a polyester film that has excellent crack resistance and flexibility. It features a 95g weight and white/white polypropylene film, which offers even better flex crack resistance than 5402, 5403, and 5404 films. ARTYSIO 5413 is intended for use with vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) equipment and is ideal for detergents, confectionery and chocolates, teas, and cereals.
  • 5443 Artysio NW P&P PET TH VFFS 118 W -- ARTYSIO 5443 is a flexible PET packaging film with a white interior and a metallic interior used in VFFS machines. Fresh food, such as coffee and dry pet food, are among the most common products this film is used for. These items require a high water vapor and oxygen barrier to preserve their freshness, fragrance, and appearance.

Order SihL ARTYSIO Flexible Packaging from Argon Technology

Sihl's revolutionary line of ARTYSIO flexible packaging materials is perfect for those looking to take their brand in a new direction or reduce costs. Independently certified as "made for recycling," Artysio films are an affordable, eco-friendly way to package products without the need to store pre-printed packing material. They can be used from small product batches with private label products and large production runs alike. Order today.