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Afinia L501 GHS Color Label Printer - Pigment Inkjet

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Afinia L501 GHS Color Label Printer - Pigment Inkjet

The Afinia L501 has been replaced by the Afinia L502

Afinia L501 Pigment Color Label Maker - Label Maker with Duo Ink Technology

Afinia Label’s Duo Ink Technology makes the Afinia L501 a versatile color label maker that can be used with either pigment or dye inks. The Afinia L501 Pigment version comes with a pigment print head and pigment inks and is used to print highly durable industrial labels. Because the L501 is “two printers in one,” you can also use it with a dye printhead and dye inks (all sold separately) to produce the more vibrant “prime” labels. Thus, if your label printing needs change, your Afinia L501 pigment color label printer can change alongside them.

Why Choose the Pigment Version of the Afinia L501 Label Maker?

If your most immediate need is to print durable industrial GHS BS5609 compliant labels and barcodes that won’t smudge, smear, or fade, consider ordering the Afinia L501 Pigment model. That way, you can start printing your industrial labels right away, using it as a pigment industrial label printer. When you’re ready to print product and prime labels, you can then order the dye printhead and ink cartridges. If you expect to need to print both types of labels right away, you can order the Afinia L501 Pigment and along with the complementary set of dye inks and the dye printhead at the same time.

Start with the Afinia L501 Pigment color label maker if you plan on producing your own:

  • Ultra durable, smudge-free industrial labels
  • Smudge-free, high resolution barcodes
  • Labels for outdoor use
  • Highly water-resistant labels
  • Labels that will be exposed to UV light and water
  • GHS BS5609 chemical drum labels

The pigment inks used by the Afinia L501 Pigment industrial label printer are extremely durable and highly resistant to abrasions, water and UV light. Pigment inks tend to produce more muted colors than dye inks and are commonly used for industrial labeling applications.


Since the Afinia L501 Pigment color label printer features Duo Ink technology, you can easily convert it to a dye-based color label printer simply by swapping out the pigment printhead and ink cartridges for the dye printhead and dye ink cartridges (sold separately). With this duo ink color label printer, there’s no need to invest in two separate label printers. With the Afinia L501 Duo Ink color label printer, you can use one printer to print both types of labels.

Afinia L501 Pigment Features

The Afinia L501 Pigment industrial label printer has a variety of features such as:

  • Pigment print head and inks for industrial label printing
  • Prints industrial labels on demand, eliminating waste
  • Features Duo Ink technology
  • Touchscreen
  • Print resolution up to 2400 dpi
  • Windows Drivers included and you can print from any Windows application
  • Label width up to 8.5 inches
  • Powered cutter
  • Compact size
  • Unwinder accepts up to 8” OD on a 3” core
  • Wide range of media available

Afinia L501 Pigment Labels

Argon Technology offers a wide variety of blank labels engineered for the Afinia L501 and its pigment inks.

If you’ll also be using the dye inks with your Afinia L501, we also have blank labels optimized for the Afinia L501’s dye inks. Either way, you have plenty of compatible L501 label choices.

The Afinia L501 Pigment industrial label printer is well suited to businesses in need of an industrial printer for printing durable carton labels, inventory labels, shipping labels, barcodes, waterproof labels, and GHS labels. It’s also a spectacular choice if you need to bring both industrial and prime labels thanks to its Duo Ink technology.

Argon Technology can help you determine if the Afinia L501 Pigment color label printer is the right choice for your business. Contact us today to get started.