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Labels for Primera CX1000 and CX1200 color label printers

Labels play a pivotal role in increasing brand awareness and improving market demand for any product. Apart from that, they contain the necessary information that has to be included as per regulatory guidelines. No matter what business you own, you can achieve all that with in-house labeling. Whether you have a professional printing agency or a manufacturing unit, we offer top-quality labels for Primera CX1000 and CX1200 laser label printers that are ready to go right into your printers. Everything from texture and adhesion to thickness and resistance is outstanding.

Advantages of using blank labels for Primera CX1200 and CX1000 on a roll

If you’re a small-scale business, you may be using laser matte paper labels with your CX1000 or CX1200 label printer. However, this may become a hassle once you grow in size and volume. That’s when you may want to switch to blank labels for Primera CX1200 or CX1000 on a roll, and here’s why:

  • They can save you money. Roll labels cost much less and produce less waste than sheets. As a result, you can eliminate time-intensive labor and associated costs. The entire printing process can be carried out much faster without creating a mess.
  • They are versatile. Once you buy Primera CX1000 labels on a roll, you can easily print custom labels in various shapes and sizes. They allow for more flexibility and creativity with your packaging so that you can try different strategies for promotional or marketing purposes.
  • They are available in various materials. At Argon Technology, we have a range of roll laser labels that can resist water or oil. Whether you need a glossy finish or a matte touch, you can also grab them for your CX1000 or CX1200 in a click.

In-house label printing gives you an accurate measure of your requirements. Stock up on laser labels for your printer, customize your runs to your exact specifications, and enjoy significant savings!

Long-lasting Primera CX1000 and Primera CX1200 labels for sale

Top-grade labels can give your products, specimens, or inventory a real boost. This is what we can help you achieve with this collection of paper labels for Primera CX1000 and CX1200.

Samples are available for your convenience. Feel free to request them to see how great these labels can be for your printing processes.

You can also opt for custom laser labels. We can fulfill any custom order for the size and shape you need.

Consider bulk-ordering Primera CX1200 labels online or those for the CX1000 printer to save big!

Primera Technology discontinued the Primera CX1200 and CX1000 many years ago. We continue to sell supplies for the Primera CX1200/CX1000, however once Primera runs out of supply of the toner cartridges, you will not be able to print any labels using these printers. Therefore, customers using this laser color label printer, are encourage to Afinia LT5C CMYK + White Label Printer. The Afinia LT5C can print many of the same label types as the Primera CX1200, however also includes white toner, to print white on clear labels, which are very popular.