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Primera LX2000 Color Label Printer | 74461


45.00 LBS
1 Year Primera Depot Warranty

Primera LX2000 Color Label Printer with Pigment Inkjet Technology for GHS Labels


Recently, Primera Technology discontinued the LX2000 color label printer. However, Argon Technology still sells both LX2000 ink and LX2000 labels in order to accommodate existing LX2000 users. If you need a replacement printer, we suggest either the Afinia L502 (it uses the same HP print engine), the affordable Epson CW-C6500A (the lowest cost solution), or the Epson CW-C6000A (it’s a 4-inch color label printer).


  • Short-run label printing
  • Prints up to 8” wide
  • Up to 6”/sec
  • Pigment inks for durability
  • Built-in “pizza-wheel” style cutter

The fastest in the new line-up of Primera printers, the LX2000 is in a league all its own in the desktop label printing industry. Large, separate ink cartridges for cyan, magenta, yellow and black ensure that the costs of printing labels can be kept low. And with printing speeds of 6 inches a second, it boasts some of the fastest output in the industry. Whether you’re printing photos, graphics, illustrations, texts or even high-resolution linear or two-dimensional bar codes. This in-house printer ensures that you are in control of when you print and how much you spend on your labeling needs.


  • Full Color Printing up to 6 ips (Inches Per Second)

  • Print Resolution - 4800 dpi

  • USB and Ethernet Connectivity (Wired & Wireless Network)

  • Print Labels up to 8" Wide

  • Pigment Inkjet Printer using HP Print Engine

  • Print GHS BS5609 Certified Labels up to 4800 dpi

  • Large 4 Individual Ink Cartridges (CYMK) for the lowest ink cost per label

  • Integrated Unwinder for Label Rolls up to 6" OD

  • Optional External Label Unwinder also available which can hold label rolls from 6" to 12" OD

  • One Year Standard Primera Warranty

  • Built-in Industrial Grade Cutter

  • Windows drivers

  • BarTender Lite label Design Software Include

The Primera LX2000 Color Label Printer is exactly what every small business needs for on-demand, in-house label printing. Whether you produce food products like wine, coffee, or tea, or you make cosmetics and candles, this label printer will be prepared for your largest print orders and allow you to make many labels with ease. Read on to see all the benefits of this fantastic label printer.

Full Color and Large Ink Cartridges

Unlike thermal label printers, this unit allows you to produce full-color labels with ease. Not only that, but the printing is very vibrant, which is great for any company that needs colorful labels that instantly attract customers. Whether you want a bold or inspiring label, this machine can keep up with your color needs.

You get separate CMYK ink cartridges for this printer. This is good for several reasons. First, it allows you to get more prints from the cartridge because these fit significantly more ink than full-color cartridges. Also, full-color cartridges must be completely replaced if one color runs out. When you have separate cartridges like this, you can just replace the one color.

This results in lower per-print costs and ensures vibrant colors with every label. When one color is gone, just replace the cartridge and your labels won’t suffer at all.

Print Volume and Speed

The Primera LX2000 Color Label Printer is very fast and can produce thousands of labels a day. We’ll cover speed first before going into durability. Label printers are judged on their IPS, or inches per second. The LX2000 can print 6.0IPS, which is incredibly fast. Depending on the size of your label, this will often be at least one to three labels per second, which should be enough for most small businesses and even some large ones.

You also should pay attention to how many prints can be made per day. This is a metric that tells you how durable the machine is. This printer can withstand 7,500 prints a day, which should be plenty for most businesses. The max printing width is 8.25 inches or 210mm, which means that you can use many different label rolls with this machine.

Pre Die Cut Label Printing

Perforated pre-die-cut label paper is great because it allows you to easily tear the labels once you’re done printing. In terms of overhead, perforated labels costs a bit more because it’s a little harder to produce. This cost is placed on and it will increase the per-print cost.

Another problem is the human cost. Tearing off one or two labels doesn’t take long, but what about 100 or 1,000? You could easily spend hours just ripping the labels. The LX2000 has a label cutter that will cut the labels.

This pizza-wheel style cutter will have no problem getting through any label paper. The labels will be ready to stick on your product or packaging.

Good Weight

This Primera LX2000 is a good weight that is suitable for office use. This machine weighs about 28 pounds, which ensures it’s durable and that it won’t move around while printing. There are many lighter printers, but the problem is that the internal parts are also lighter and can’t withstand thousands of prints like the LX2000 can.

This is the ideal printer for those who want a strong, durable machine that will be around for many years. Not only can it make thousands of labels per day, but it can also take quite a beating and keep on going.

Some of the best aspects of the Primera LX2000 are:

-Full-color printing and individual CMYK ink cartridges, large-volume printing

-Weighs 28lbs and is highly durable

If you own a small business and make specialty foods, cosmetics, or anything else, then the Primera LX2000 Color Label Printer is exactly what you need. This is a fast, durable, and versatile printer that will match all your needs. Buy it today and see why this is such a fantastic printer for your business.