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Primera LX3000 Color Label Printer - Pigment Ink

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Print Method:
Pigment Inkjet
Print Speed:
up to 4.5 ips
Print Width:
4800 dpi
Color Inkjet Label Printer

Primera LX3000 Big Ink Pigment Label Printer

The Primera LX3000 Big Ink pigment label printer is a printer that can produce labels up to 8.25 inches wide. This model includes pigment ink, which means you can print durable industrial labels and BS5609 GHS chemical labels. Pigment ink produces labels that last longer than traditional dye inks and are more resistant to fading, scratching, or smearing.

What is Big Ink?product-images-01-1.jpg

Running out of ink is a problem for any printer, but it's especially frustrating when you're printing labels. After all, if you print a large number of labels each day, the last thing you want is a printer that can't keep up.

What happens if the ink runs out? You must stop production to insert new ink cartridges. So, you have a few minutes of downtime. However, if you don't have replacement ink cartridges on hand, you must go to the office supply store and hope they have them in stock, thus increasing your downtime. Since most office supply stores don't stock label printer ink cartridges, you'll probably need to order ink cartridges online and wait a few days before production can resume.

This Primera LX3000 Big Ink pigment label printer comes with large ink tanks containing 180ml of cyan, magenta, and yellow pigment inks (60ml/cartridge). As a result, the LX3000 is suitable for printing up to 7,500 labels per day.

With the ability to print full-color photos, illustrations, graphics, text, and barcodes on one label, it’s easy to produce professional-looking customized labels with just a few keystrokes. And because the ink is in large individual tanks, you'll have fewer ink changes and the cost per label will be lower compared to printers using small ink cartridges.

Primera LX3000 Features

The Primera LX3000 is a twin to the Primera LX910, but with "Big Ink." Thus, it has the same feature set such as:

  • Fast print speed of up to 4.5 inches per second
  • 8.25" print width
  • Large (60ml) individual pigment ink tanks (CMY) with a reusable print head
  • Pizza-wheel cutter
  • BarTender UltraLite label and barcode design software

Primera LX3000 vs Primera LX910

How does the LX3000 compare to its sibling? The LX3000 is identical to the LX910, except for one thing: its ink system.

Both printers can use either pigment or dye-based inks interchangeably without changing the printhead (this particular model comes with pigment inks but you can use dye ink cartridges in the future if desired or purchase the LX3000 with dye ink cartridges).

However, the LX910 uses a single high yield CMY ink cartridge while the LX3000 uses three individual ink tanks (cyan, magenta, and yellow). Not only is the ink capacity much lower on the LX910, when you run out of one color such as yellow, you'd need to replace the LX910 ink cartridge, even if you still have plenty of magenta and cyan ink. With the LX3000, you'd only need to replace the yellow ink tank.

Primera Technology rates the LX910 for a daily print volume of up to 1,000 labels per day and the LX3000 for up to 2,500 per day.

The LX3000 has one of the lowest per label costs in the industry as well, so if you print more than 5,000 labels per day, the LX3000 would be the better choice. On the other hand, if your production runs are lower, then the LX910 remains an outstanding choice.

Where to Buy Primera LX3000 Pigment Ink Tanks

As a specialized item, your best bet is to buy LX3000 ink tanks online from Argon Technology. We have Primera LX3000 ink tanks in stock.

We have a full selection of both dye-based and pigment ink cartridges available for the popular LX3000 printer. Dye-based inks are perfect for general use and "prime" labels while pigmented inks are great for printing durable industrial and GHS labels that need to last despite harsh environmental conditions.

Primera LX3000 Labels

We also have a large selection of LX3000 labels in various shapes and sizes. Our LX900 labels also work with the LX3000. Make sure to select LX3000 labels made for the type of ink your printer uses such as matte polypropylene or GHS chemical labels for the LX3000 with pigment inks.

The Primera LX3000 is the solution for businesses that need outstanding print quality, performance, and speed. With the LX3000 plus pigment inks, you can print durable industrial and GHS labels when you need them, in quantities that are perfect for your business. Order now.