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Direct Thermal Labels / Direct Thermal Barcode Labels

Offering low prices and flat rate shipping to USA and Canada, Argon Technology has all of your direct thermal barcode printing needs covered. We have both desktop direct thermal barcode labels (with 1” core and 4” and 5” OD rolls and fan-folded) and industrial direct thermal barcode labels (with 3” core and 8” OD rolls and fan-folded).

Desktop Direct Thermal Labels

We have a large selection of desktop direct thermal labels — no ribbon required — for desktop direct thermal barcode printers. Direct thermal labels have a special thermal coating on the label that reacts to the heat from the printer’s printhead. The heated portions of the white label turn to black, resulting in the printed text, image, or barcode. These barcode labels feature a bright white surface for excellent printability. They come on a 1-inch core and have a 4-inch outside diameter. We also have some 5-inch diameter rolls containing even more labels per roll which are used by many of Zebra desktop direct thermal barcode label printers.

Our desktop direct thermal barcode labels range in size from 1 by ½ inches to 4 by 10 inches. We have several notable items such as barcode labels with removable adhesive, continuous labels, and labels with a “document tab.” Document tab labels are available for both UPS and FedEx. They are long shipping labels with a separate small tab at the bottom or top. This allows you to ship both the shipping label and a separate tracking label at the same time.

All of the direct thermal barcode labels listed here are compatible with desktop direct thermal label printers from leading manufacturers like SATO, Zebra, Toshiba, TEC, Intermec, Printronix, GoDEX, and TSC. Because they are direct thermal barcode labels, there’s no need to use barcode ribbons with them.

Industrial Direct Thermal Labels

Argon Technology has a large selection of industrial direct thermal labels for industrial barcode printers from Zebra, GoDEX, Toshiba, SATO, Printronix, TEC, TSC, Intermec, Datamax, and other leading brands. Because these are direct thermal barcode labels, there’s no need to use a ribbon with them. The printhead in the direct thermal printer will heat the direct thermal label topcoat and turn it into black to produce your text and barcode.

The industrial direct thermal labels listed below come on a 3-inch core and have an outside diameter of 8 inches, which is ideal for today’s industrial barcode printers. For customers who need to print lots of labels and do not want to change rolls as frequently, we also have fan-folded cartons of direct thermal labels. We have a wide variety of barcode label sizes ranging from 1 by 1 inches to 8 by 12 inches. Most of the barcode labels are die-cut with perforations though we do have some without perforations as well as continuous direct thermal barcode labels. We also have direct thermal labels with a doc tab so you can print a shipping label alongside a corresponding barcode label at once.

With some of the lowest barcode label prices available and flat rate shipping to USA and Canada, we are your source for affordable barcode printing solutions. Argon Technology has everything you need including desktop and industrial direct thermal barcode printers, direct thermal barcode label rolls on 1-inch and 3-inch cores, thermal transfer printers, and barcode ribbons.


Direct Thermal Labels for Zebra Mobile Printers

We also have smaller direct thermal label rolls for Zebra mobile printers and mobile printers from other brands like Honeywell, SATO, Intermec, and Toshiba. These mobile direct thermal labels are commonly used by warehouse personnel, delivery drivers, field technicians, food servers, personal shoppers, medical assistants, mobile phlebotomists, and other mobile workers. Our direct thermal labels for Zebra mobile printers come on a ¾-inch core. They are perforated for easy removal and available in a variety of sizes ranging from 2 by 1 ¼ inches to 4 by 6 inches. Both white and yellow Zebra direct thermal labels are available.