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Epson GP-C831 empty drum labels to handle high-volume print applications

The Epson GP-C831 GHS BS5609 label printer is a perfect setup for your distribution or chemical manufacturing label printing system as its rugged color inkjet printing press and unique tractor feeder are just right for that. And once you stock up on blank drum labels for Epson GP-C831, addressing your high-volume printing needs will be a cinch. You’ll see that cost-effective, durable, and eye-catching color labels can make a difference in your applications without using third-party services.

This selection includes drum labels for Epson GP-C831 for sale. They come in rolls and fanfold sheets to ensure additional printing flexibility, to say nothing of cost-effectiveness.

Choose these chemical drum labels to streamline your color label production in the healthcare, manufacturing, or other industry. Forget about pre-printed labels, production issues, and delayed shipping times.

Available finishes of paper labels for Epson GP-C831

The industrial environment and the application field are two crucial factors when choosing the right finish for your labels. And even though all Epson labels are designed to render crisp graphics and text, they have different oil, water, and chemical resistance levels. If you can’t decide what finish of paper labels for Epson GP-C831 is the right option for you, this may help you:

  •      Matte labels. Each of these labels stands out with a matte finish, smudge-proof features, and the ability to dry in a flash. But they can’t be prized for durability, which is why you’re better off using them for indoor applications only.
  •      High-gloss labels. Unlike their matte counterparts, these labels sport a shiny finish and boast increased durability. If you’re printing high-quality images and crisp text, you can’t go wrong with glossy media.
  •      Chemical labels. When abrasion resistance is the main priority, opt for GHS BS5609 complian labels. Designed to withstand extreme environments, they comply with the GHS standards for chemical labeling and can be used on drums with hazardous materials.

Buy Epson GP-C831 labels for large and small printing projects

Whatever label size and media type you’re looking for, we have a lot to offer for your Epson setup. More specifically, these drum labels for Epson GP-C831 can serve as barcodes, name tags, or whatever you would like them to.

At Argon Technology, you can also order Epson GP-C831 color ink cartridges to be sure you won’t run out of critical consumables in the middle of the printing process.

If you don’t know what labels you should go for, contact us.