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Epson PX tapes: A perfect match for your Epson LabelWorks printers

Looking for durable and flexible labeling supplies for manufacturing, commercial, or industrial applications? Polyester and vinyl Epson label tapes are a killer solution for identification, tags, and signs in harsh environments. They can be used in conditions that require incredible durability as you easily apply them on any surface. With the permanent adhesive, these tapes stay in place, no matter what comes their way.

Whether you need them for arc flash warnings, workplace signs, warehouse labels, or equipment labeling, these label tapes will suit your Epson LabelWorks printers well.

Must-have qualities of Epson LabelWorks PX tapes

From commercial kitchens and laboratories to HVAC and outdoor applications, Epson PX tapes make labeling easy in all of these scenarios. But that’s not the only reason they are great to stock up on for your Epson printers. You may also want to order Epson LabelWorks PX tapes for:

  •      Long-lasting performance. Vinyl tapes work well on irregular surfaces while having excellent resistance to whatever may affect their appearance and durability.
  •      Compatibility. Epson PX tapes are designed to be cross-compatible. You can use them with all Epson LabelWorks printers.
  •      Compliance. Polyester film label tapes allow you to meet RoHS standards, while vinyl options are designed with the UL 969 in mind. These directives aim to prevent the risks posed to the environment and human health.
  •      Resistance. All these tapes have undergone weather and abrasion resistance tests under extreme conditions. Even after hours of testing in high-temperature and high-pressure scenarios, no visible effects of deterioration have occurred.
  •      Versatility. Epson tapes are ideal for indoor and outdoor use, including storage, point of sale, gas meters, heavy equipment, bulk bins, vehicles, and metal signs.
  •      Life Time Use – Epson LabelWorks printers come with a lifetime warranty. So if you ever have a problem, Epson will replace or repair the printer at no cost to you. Your investment will be protected for many years.
  •      Sizes – Epson PX label tapes are available from 1/6” (4mm) to up to 2” (50mm). Epson LW-Z500PX and LW-Z501PX support all these sizes. Other models such as the LW-PX300 support tapes up to ¾” and only cost $59.00 USD and LW-PX900 supports up to 1.5” tapes at a cost of only $299.00 USD.

Buy Epson LabelWorks PX tapes with an unmatched warranty

The Epson warranty applies to all tapes you can find in this catalog. Argon Technology is an authorized reseller of Epson label tapes for sale, and we’re entitled to preserve the peace of mind provided by the manufacturer.

Each tape in our inventory comes with a warranty as we strive to provide high-quality supplies for all labeling processes. No matter what industry you serve, we are committed to delivering the best tapes for your Epson printers.

You can have your order shipped the same day or within one business day from the time your payment is confirmed. A flat rate is set for all orders in the USA and Canada.