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Top GoDEX label printers for efficient label production

GoDEX is committed to your success. This commitment is reaffirmed as the brand expands its desktop, industrial, mobile, and other printer collections. Whether you are printing product tags, shipping stickers, or barcode labels, GoDEX printers will get the job done and keep your label production reasonable in financial terms.

Check out the best of GoDEX at Argon Technology. Besides printers, you can also shop for printheads and accessories compatible with GoDEX units.

Why opt for a GoDEX label printer?

It’s best to go GoDEX if you want durability and longevity – the brand’s printers just keep going and going. With minimal maintenance, you can count on your GoDEX machine to work hard for years, as its sturdy build ensures consistent, uninterrupted printing for the long haul.

Other reasons why you can’t go wrong with GoDEX include:

  • Speed and efficiency – GoDEX industrial setups are engineered for prompt, high-volume printing and let you say goodbye to production bottlenecks.
  • Versatility – You don’t have to settle for just one GoDEX printer for all printing tasks. The brand has many series, including mobile units and rugged industrial machines for mass-scale operations.
  • Affordability – You will enjoy the low cost of ownership with your GoDEX. This allows you to print professionally without paying a premium.

Types of GoDEX printers

If your daily volumes are thousands of labels, a flimsy printer may fail to cut it. That’s where you need a workhorse like a 2-inch or 4-inch GoDEX label printer. It can become your race car in printing, is breezy to operate, and is compatible with all major label design software.

But the brand imparts its power and performance to a plethora of other models found in the Argon Technology range: 

  • Direct thermal machines – Keep your label production moving at top speed at a friendly budget with virtually no downtime.
  • Thermal-transfer printers – Regardless of the required print width, GoDEX empowers you to easily create labels via the thermal-transfer method.
  • Portable GoDEX printers for labels – Print shipping labels, price markdowns, receipts, and more from the palm of your hand.
  • Heavy-duty printers – Rely on GoDEX to thrive in the harshest conditions where other printers fail.

Tired of prints that look dull, faded, or messy? GoDEX printers produce sharp text, lines, and graphics that captivate everyone. Choose your model and let your customers notice the difference!