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Primera LX500c Color Label Printer with cutter

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Primera LX500c Color Label Printer with cutter

  • Short-run label printing
  • Prints up to 4.25” wide
  • Up to 2.5”/sec.
  • 4800 dpi full-color printing
  • Built-in “guillotine-style” label cutter


The Primera LX500c prints in full color photo-quality images on highly water-resistant and scratch resistant labels. It creates professional-looking unique labels including photo images, illustrations, graphics, text and barcodes. Lower the cost per a sheet by printing in-house or using traditional flexographic or offset printers.

Easy initial set up ensures that your LX500c will be up and running in no time. And everything that is required to get started. Each LX500c ships with BarTender UltraLite Primera Edition software and can use printer drivers for Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. It also comes with high-gloss labels, a one dye-based ink cartridge and USB cable.

Primera LX500c Color Label Printers For All Offices/Homes

Primera label printers are perfect for offices and homes where you want to label everything from your file folders, wine labels, speciality food labels to the things in your kitchen that are covered and stored. Look over the different options that you have when purchasing one of these color label printers. They come in a number of styles, and they help you handle short-run printing, labels of any size, and color printing that has the highest resolution possible.

Short-Run Label Printing

Primera inkjet color label printers handle short-run label printing with the fastest machines in the industry. These machines are designed to transfer to paper faster, help dry these labels as they exit the machine, and move on to the next set. These machines hold stacks and stacks of labels. You get all the following options when you buy the LX500c color label printer:

  • Your labels can be up to 4.25 inches wide. You are given plenty of space to squeeze in labels, and you can buy LX500c labels in many different sizes, materials and shapes to produce your own products labels on demand.
  • The labels print at a speed that is unheard of in the label world. You could get a label every minute if you have the printer on the highest print resolution setting. Not all color labels will print at this speed, but you can come very close to getting this sort of output.
  • Full-color printing up to 4800 dpi gives you the best possible resolution. Speedier printing jobs might not be so pretty, but they are done quicker than the average printer.
  • The label cutter operates in the guilotine style cutter that will slice across the paper to create smooth edges, cut large stacks, and offer consistent cutting clarity.

The LX500c Color Label Printer Overview
The LX500c color label printer will operate with any of the LX500c label that are sold by You are not hemmed in by the restrictions that other companies add to their printers. You can use any label that you want, and you can print in any style you like. The printer will work with all LX500c labels that are made in the water-resistant style, and you can choose labels that have special adhesives, special paper, or peel off in a unique manner.

The labels that are slipped into the printer will sit in a basket that holds them tight, can be adjusted for size, and will hold hundreds of labels at a time. You can run large lots of labels at once, and you are given a warning when you are running low. The printer itself does not jam when feeding the labels because it has a special roller and wider port to prevent labels from bending during extraction.

The label printer moves fast because of a compact construction that helps keep the label close to the printing area. The tight bend in the printing process is so fast that labels are not damaged, and they are fed with another special roller that will not scratch or leave marks on your labels.

Primera LX500C Ink Cartridge Options

The Primera LX500C ink cartridge options include a multi-color cartridge that will print anything you like. This cartridge is easy to replace as they are located just to the side of the printing area, and you are given a warning when the ink is running low. The ink cartridges are filled to the brim with color (cyan, magneta and yellow dye inks) that will last over thousands of printing jobs, and they provide a boldness of color that other companies cannot offer.

The ink cartridges for these machines are specific to Primera, but they are priced for affordability. You can run this label printer every day in your office, change the cartridge when needed, and get back to work.

Setting Up Your LX500c Printer

When you order your printer, you are sent all the following things:

  • The BarTender software that is used to set up and manage your machine (for Widows OS only).
  • The UltraLite Primera Edition software that is needed to manage your machine once it is running
  • A sample roll of glossy labels that you can use to test your machine or make your first set of labels.
  • The ink cartridges you need for printing
  • The USB cable for charging purposes.

Put the software on your Windows OS based computer when you are ready for the installation of the printer. The printer will connect to your device through the USB cable, and you will run the software that you have just put on your machine. The software helps you check the status of the device, the printing that is done on that machine, and the history of the machine. You can run test pages through this software, or you could change the print properties for a new job. It all depends on what you need to do right this second, and it also allows you to troubleshoot if the device ever malfunctions. The software can open the troubleshooting window, tell you what to do, reset the printer, and try to print a test page.

Get Your Primera LX500c Labels

Primera LX500C labels are sold by, and you can print right away with these labels that are in the box. Primera LX500c labels come in every style you could possibly imagine, and you simply need to take a look at your label print jobs, search their labels, and decide what works best. Their label options include:

  • Labels made for envelopes
  • Labels made for storage items
  • Labels made to resist water
  • Labels that are large enough for invitations
  • Labels that can be used for presentations
  • Medical labels
  • Colored labels
  • Labels with background designs
  • Labels with special shapes

You must seek out labels that will suit the needs of your next job, and you should keep large sets of labels on-hand because they are used so quickly. The short-run printing that you do should be managed with a large stack of labels rolls in the printer. You can replace the label roll when they runout, or you can stop when you get the alert saying your labels are running low.

Labels for your printer should be bought in diverse packages because you often need more than one kind to get all your work done. Most people who would like to get a new label printer the ink that they can subsist on just one kind of label, but there are many other things that need to be labeled in the course of a work day. Think over your label needs before buying, get the right package, and learn how to use all these labels before you move on to your next job.

LC500c Specifications

You got your Primera LX500C labels, but you need to know what the printer does specifically. Read through what the printer does so that you are never confused about what you have purchased. These specifications tell you everything you need to know about this printer. Remember that there are larger versions if you are in need of something that can take on bigger jobs. It all depends on what you do most of the time. Buy the printer that matches your personal needs so that you can get all your work done without interruption.

  • The printer uses the standard inkjet method of printing that offers higher color resolution
  • You get 4800X1200 DPI, 1200X1200 DPI, or 600X600 DPI depending on the settings for your print jobs
  • You can use a single multi-color ink cartridge.
  • You get up to 16.7 million color options with the technology in the machine.
  • The printer uses the color matching software known as Z Color
  • The print width for the machine is .75 inches by 4.25 inches
  • Print length for the machine is .75 inches by 24 inches
  • Media (label rolls) on the device goes from1 inch to 4.25inches wide
  • Black stripes on paper are sensed by the machine
  • The rolls that you use could be up to 5 inches in diameter on a 2 inch core
  • You get an ink level warning when you are low
  • You can see indicator lights for ink and power on the machine
  • You also get a pause button, feed button, and unload button for the machine
  • You can run this printer with any machine on Mac OS 10.9 and higher or Windows 7, 8, and 1

There are also technician specifications for this machine when you need to know exactly what you are dealing with when the machine is plugged in. The majority of people do not need to know this information, but there are those that will need a printer with enough power and memory to work through all their jobs. You get all the things listed below when you plug in the machine, and you should be sure that you have taken a look at these specs before buying:

  • You get 1GB of RAM for most computers
  • You get the UltraLite and BarTender software that is meant for Windows PC only. These are graphics software programs, and they work with other programs that you might already run
  • You need 12 volts of power for this device or 5.0A/60 Watts
  • The device is UL certified
  • The device is only 7 pounds which means that you can easily move it around your office. You do not need two people to carry around the printer to new locations
  • You can move this device to any location you want because it is not that large. The device is only 10.4 inches wide, and it is just 15.3 inches deep. You can stick it in a cubby where you want to do all your printing, and it will not take over your office like other printers that do the same things.

Who Needs This LX500c Printer?

The printer is a good choice for families that like to label the things they use every day. The labels will hold up to the punishment of daily use, and they can be printed in any size that you like. You could use this printer when you send mailings from your business, or you could use this printer for an at-home business where you are making shipping labels every day. You could use this printer for your wedding invitations, or you could use the printer for the labels that are placed on all your meeting agenda folders.

You can use the label printer to get organized, and you have to be sure that you have read how to use it before starting. Most people who want to print labels have not learned how to use the graphic software first. You can make your labels appear any way that you want to, and they will look professional regardless of how simple or complex they are.


The Primera LX500C is a perfect color label printer for people who have planned to print labels for any purpose. You could print labels for yourself family, or you could print the labels that you need for your office. The label printer could be used when you are making new labels for charts in a medical office, or they could be used to manage the files that you keep in the office for each new client. You cannot expect your office or home to run smoothly unless you have found the right printer, downloaded your labels, and tries to save money.