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BarTender Label and Barcode Design Software

BarTender Label and Barcode Design Software

Posted by BK on 19th Nov 2017 carries various versions of  BarTender label and barcode design software and different licensing levels. Start by determining which software version ( BasicProfessionalAutomation Edition, or Enterprise Automation Edition) is most suitable for your label and barcode printing needs. Each version builds upon the previous version.

BarTender 2016 Label Software

The Basic and Professional editions of BarTender label design software are licensed per PC whereas the Automation and Enterprise Automation editions are licensed per printer. In general, if you need the label design software to design and print, look at the Basic and Professional editions. If you need design, print, and control label printing, the the Automation Edition or Enterprise Automation Edition have the extra features you need.

We also sell BarTender Automation Edition and Enterprise Automation Edition software with bundled printer licenses, making it easy to license the software for use across all of the printers within your label production environment. Additional licenses can be ordered as you add new printers.

BarTender Version 10 Label Software Still Available

Prefer the older version of BarTender? We still carry BarTender Version 10, including its “Print Only” edition which was discontinued with BarTender 2016.

BarTender 2016 Maintenance Agreement Add-ons

Protect your software investment by adding on an annual software maintenance plan. These plans entitle you to free version upgrades throughout the term. BarTender annual maintenance agreements can be renewed each year. If your term is nearly up, renew your BarTender label design software maintenance agreement now from

Try BarTender Label Software

Experience BarTender 2016 or BarTender Version 10 before you buy with a free 30-day trial version.