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The best thermal label printers for your business

A thermal label printer is a device that few stores, warehouses or stores can manage without. We are glad to provide you with the finest, thermal printing machines in the USA. We are assured, that these devices will become a vital and essential part of your business, whether it is a commerce or industry.

Our assortment includes models of such famous brands as Seiko and Toshiba. The beneficial features of the models we have for sale are:

  Compatibility with Mac

  Compatibility with Windows 8

  Compatibility with laptops

  Compact size

  Superior quality

Argon Technology is specialized in worldwide thermal label printer shipping. We deliver toll free to the cities of the USA and Canada and offer adequate prices to our clients in other regions.

The advantages of thermal label printers:

Super easy to use

Thermal label printers are very simple in use. You do not have to go through hundreds of manuals to start printing labels.

A lot more cheaper than common printers

 Thermal printers are quite simple in construction and do not require expensive ink or paper for performance. That makes them considerably less costly compared to other printer types, but definitely not less functional or efficient. Moreover, thermal printer manufacturers keep introducing new models to the market.


These printers do not make any loud or unpleasant noises that distract people from their work or bother clients.

Work quicker than common printers

As few thermal printer models require ink, it takes them less time to get ready for printing and they can print much more labels in the same amount of time.

Can print many labels at once

This feature gives thermal label printing a great advantage over all other types of printers. Fast performance is a key to success and vital for commercial or industrial businesses.