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NeuraLabel 300x ST Color Label Printer

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NeuraLabel 300x ST Color Label Printer with Unwinder/Rewinder Package and 1st Year Onsite Service

What is the difference between the NeuraLabel 300x and NeuraLabel 300x ST model?

The "ST" stands for straight paper path. The new 300x ST model has been replaced by the older 300x model. The new 300x ST model has a straight paper path, therefore eliminating label jams when the paper turns inside the print. In addition, the 300x ST model also includes the Unwinder/Rewinder system plus one year onsite warranty by NeuraLabel.

The NeuraLabel 300x ST brings professional-level label printing to the office desktop

In today’s highly competitive environment, seemingly small operational details can have an outsized effect on a company’s bottom line. The advent of just-in-time logistics has meant that any delay in procuring necessary elements in the supply chain can lead to costly backups and even lost customers.

For companies that do high-volume business in packaged or containerized products, product labels are an indispensable element of production that must be fulfilled with precision and timeliness. Whether a company is manufacturing consumer food items or shipping hazardous materials, top-quality professional labeling is an integral part of many businesses.

However, for various reasons, outsourcing labeling can prove to be an inefficient solution, especially for businesses with high numbers of packages that require labeling or firms with highly variable demand. Often, in-house labeling solutions can prove to be far more economical in terms of direct cost. And for some companies, going with an in-house labeling solution can prove to be a strict necessity.

Waiting on a printer while a client’s order goes unfilled for days is oftentimes not an option. The good news is that there have never been more reliable and cost-effective options for companies that need to in-source all of their printing. Professional-quality printers that are capable of industrial-level output have now shrunk to little more than the size of the desktop printers of yesteryear. One of these state-of-the-art desktop printing presses is the NeuraLabel 300x ST color label printer.

NeuraLabel 300x Professional-level printing that fits on your desktop

At first glance, the NeuraLabel 300x ST color label printer appears to be little more than a high-end office printer, hardly distinguishable from any other desktop color label printer that you might see in the workplace. But under the hood, the NeuraLabel 300x color label printer is a beast, able to print labels at a volume and quality that rivals anything a professional printing service can deliver.

The NeuraLabel 300x color label printer is fully compliant with GHS and BS5609 labeling standards. But far from meeting the bare minimum, NeuraLabel 300x labels can be printed with photo-quality graphics and top-end logo typing, serving not just as a means of complying with product labeling standards but also as a form of advertising for your firm.

NeuraLabel 300x labels can also be printed off with industry-leading speed. With a maximum print rate of 20 inches per second, the 300x is simply peerless within its price class. It’s nearest competitors, such as the Primera LX2000, print at a maximum rate of just 6 inches per second. This means that the 300x can print up to 100 letter-sized labels per minute, a pace that meets the logistics needs of even large firms.

NeuraLabel 300x ink cartridges are recognized as some of the best in the business. With specially formulated NeuraLabel pigment inks that are designed for super-high-fidelity print jobs, NeuraLabel 300x ink cartridges are able to print ultra-high-quality labels, meeting the needs of even the most demanding packaging operations. And all of this is achievable at a price that makes the NeuraLabel 300x an easy choice for many businesses.